Intensive Course in Abdominal Radiology
September 19th - 23nd. 1999 ( 5 days)

Who should attend:
Attendees are open to all trainee radiologist, master student, medical officers, general practioners, student, technologist and those who are interested in GIT radiology and information technology. We also would like to invite lecturers and asst.professor's from other disciplines.

Course Structures :
1. Lectures
 Lecture Topics 
. Imaging of Biliary tree Robert De Costa
  • Imaging the Pancreas
  • Robert De Costa
  • Imaging the Liver
  • Dr.Noreen
  • CT of the pancreas : a mass or not a mass
  • Robert De Costa
  • Imaging of Liver disease & masses
  • Robert De Costa
  • Abdominal Vascular Sonography
  • Robert De Costa
  • Congenital lesion of small & large bowel
  • AP Hashim Ibrahim
  • Tips on passing the radiology exam
  • Robert De Costa
  • CT and Ultrasound of Abdominal Trauma
  • Ibrahim Lutfi
  • Nuclear medicine imaging in GIT diseases
  • Malik Mumtaz
  • Radiation safety in clinical practices
  • AP Wan Ahmad Kamil (N.Medic)
  • Procedural, monitoring and Crisis management in Radiology
  • Dr.Wan Aasim (anasthe)
  • The Plain Abdominal Film in Paediatric patient
  • AP Zulfiqar UKM radiologist
  • Ultrasound of the Acute Abdomen in Children 
  • AP Zulfiqar UKM radiologist
  • The Child with Abdominal mass
  • AP Zulfiqar UKM radiologist
  • Imaging State of the Art
  • AP Wan Ahmad Kamil 
  • Review Articles
  •  Zaihan, Kumar, Latifah
  • Portal Hypertension
  • Mahayidin
  • Peritoneal space infection - update in management & intervention
  • Hamid (surgery)

    2. Symposium ( @2 hr )

    1. Integrated Approach of Acute Abdomen

    2. Surgery, medical, radiologist
      Anas, Mahayidin, Madhavan
    3. Evaluation of Jaundice

    4. Pathologist, medical, radiologist, surgery
      Mahendra, Hamid, Azman, Mutum
    5. Colono-rectal cancer

    6. Oncologist, surgery, radiologist & pathologist
      Ahmad Zahari, Meor Zamari, Kareem, Biswa
    7. Management of GIT Bleeding

    8. Pathologist, medical, radiologist
      Mahendra, Norhayati, Abdul Rahman
    3. PBL session (Problem base learning)
      Participants will be divided into smaller groups where discussion will be carried out base on the trigger material given. Discussion points will be discussed with the facilitator of the group.

      A GIT case a clinical radiology cases will be taken as the scenario and discussion will revolve around communication skills, informed consent, ethics, quality control, personnel and quality care in radiology department. Participant are expected to involve actively in the discussion.

    4. FLM - fixed learning module as a poster presentation 5. Tutorial films sessions

    6. Computer Workshop
                 IT and its application in medical practices - CAI lab
    7. Concurrent sessions

    1. Diagnostic problems and case report - posters presentation
    2. Revision Quiz of each lecture - FLM, MCQ etc of different format
    3. Computer Homepage
    4. Case reviews
    5. Films Quiz
    6. Trade exhibition
    Participant will have a course Tour to the border town for a tax free shopping - followed by tour of Pantai Seri Tujuh and barbecue dinner at Pantai Melawi Participant will also receive :
    File or /course bag
    Lectures notes 
    Journal abstracts

    Teaching Guest Faculty:

    Robert De Costa (radiologist from Sydney Australia)
    A.Prof.Zulfiqar M.Annuar (UKM radiologist)
    Local speakers: A.Prof.Mahendra Raj (medicine)
    A.Prof.Wan Ahmad Kamil (Nuclear Medicine physicist)
    Dr.Biswa, Dr.Malik Mumtaz (Nuclear Medicine)
    Dr.Abdul Hamid, Dr.Anas, Dr.Zahari (surgery)
    Dr.Wan Aasim (anaesthesia)
    Dr.Meor, A.Prof.Nor Hayati, Dr.Muthum,Dr.Madhavan (pathology)
    Lecturers/Radiologists Department of Radiology PPSP USM